Veterinary Nursing and Technology

If you are aware of other information you believe to be important to include here – current information on a particular school’s program regarding humane education methods or potential issues in this regard – please send the information to HEVM. It will be researched, and if relevant and verified, will be included here.

New addition:

  • University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College
    • According to Jennifer Wells, D.V.M., Director, Veterinary Technology Program, in an interview in May 2009, they no longer will purchase purpose-bread animals for educational use. Instead, they will be work with a local animal shelter to provide the hands-on experience needed by the students. The college was previously known as Raymond Walters College.
  • Dental model for training veterinary and veterinary nursing students
  • LIVE dental model
    LIVE dental model
    LIVE dental model
    LIVE dental model
    LIVE dental model
    LIVE dental model

    This is a being used at the Royal Veterinary College …to facilitate the teaching, learning and assessment of basic dental skills for veterinary nursing and veterinary medicine students.. An evaluation of it was reported by Lumbis et al, 2012.

The following includes literature cited above or which is relevant to the issue of training in veterinary nursing and technology. The titles are linked either to a publicly available copy of the document or to a digital object identifier.

  • Gates, M. Carolyn; Littlewood, Katherine E.; Kongara, Kavitha; Odom, Thomas F. and Sawicki, Robert K. 2020 Guidelines for implementing a low-cost volunteer desexing skills training program for veterinary and veterinary technology students Journal of Veterinary Medical Education 47(1):27-38
    • At the Massey University School of Veterinary Science, we recently established an innovative extracurricular volunteer program designed to have students teaching other students how to perform different elements of desexing procedures as they progress through their degree.
  • Lumbis, Rachel H.; Gregory, Susan P. and Baillie, Sarah 2012 Evaluation of a dental model for training veterinary students Journal of Veterinary Medical Education 39(2):128-135
    • All students identified a model as a potentially valuable learning tool to supplement existing teaching methods and facilitate the acquisition of small-animal dentistry skills. The dental model has the potential to equip students with useful, practical skills in a safe and risk-free environment.

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