General Information

If you are aware of other examples you believe to be important to include here, please send the information to HEVM for consideration.

  • Animalearn
    • Database on alternatives, all levels of education including some in veterinary medical field.
    • They provide free loan of many items through The Science Bank.
    • Provides resources on studies done on humane alternatives and alternatives that are available.
  • InterNICHE
    • Extensive database on alternatives and loan systems, all levels of education including veterinary medical field.
  • NEAVS Graduate and Professional Schools
    • General information on animal use in professional schools. They also have a modest database on alternatives, mostly to do with dissection at the undergraduate and lower level.
    • They provide free loan of items through their Alternatives Loan Library.
  • Network Of Veterinarians In Continuing Education (NOVICE)
    • Although this is not about humane education per se, it could be a source of information.
    • From their site: …aims to investigate the role of Web 2.0 technologies (for example, wikis and blogs) in supporting veterinary informal, lifelong learning. Specifically, the project seeks to develop a strong network of veterinary students and practitioners throughout Europe, supported by ICT and veterinary educationalists.
  • Norecopa
    • Includes previous NORINA (A Norwegian Inventory of Alternatives) database.
    • From their site: Norecopa is Norway’s National Consensus Platform for the advancement of “the 3 Rs” (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement) in connection with animal experiments. Norecopa was founded on 10 October 2007.

Updated 2020-03-05